The CTMA represents and promotes the interests of the Canadian tooling and machining industry.


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Welcome to CTMA


Welcome to CTMA

Through the dedicated work of its members and volunteers, the CTMA has the opportunity to direct a national dialogue regarding the tooling and machining industry, and we believe that is integral to maintaining the health of the industry as a whole and its constituents.

Paul Cavanagh, President, Böhler-Uddeholm

Our CTMA membership has allowed us to utilize the funded training program. By maximizing this benefit, we were able to train our testing technicians on automation controls proactively with our vendor that ultimately improved our ability to reduce test times and support our customers more effectively.

Bob Repovs, President & CEO, Samco Machinery Ltd.

We value our CTMA membership because it’s a way of staying in touch with the industry. We see a lot of value in what CTMA offers, from interacting in peer conversation to attending industry events put on through CTMA with competitors, where you can meet in a neutral environment to discuss challenges and how we can face them [together].

Neil Teague, President , Rice Tool & Manufacturing

What I love about being a member of the CTMA is the very close contact with many Canadian businesses, getting together with similar problems, helping each other to come to the same goal—to improve CANADIAN Manufacturing.

Sean McTear, Vice President, Prothane Inc.

We participate in many CTMA activities including learning forums and plant tours. Events like these provide a good opportunity to grow professionally and are great education experiences. In addition, we’ve worked with Senior Executives of the CTMA at direct meetings with OEMs on areas of concern to tool makers to improve our industry’s position. Participating in events and meetings like these, with the help of the CTMA, allows us to give back to and support the industry. Our involvement in the CTMA has enabled us to be a liaison for the tooling industry. It enables us to be an industry leader at providing pertinent information on not only a North American basis, but our global presence allows us to expand this information to and from the various customer-bases throughout the world.

Roy Verstraete, President, Anchor Danly

Our CTMA membership introduces us to programs we wouldn’t know about otherwise, like the Advanced Software and Machine Training.  The province of Ontario provided the funding for this program and the CTMA was instrumental in helping us access that funding.

Dave Henning, President, Answer Precision

Our company has been a member of the Canadian Tooling & Machining Association since August 2002 and our CTMA membership provides company exposure along with frequent plant tours and association events that enable us to introduce our capabilities to other members and new customers. Having the exposure is paramount to creating new business leads and showcasing the technology and capabilities of Stema Punch & Die.

Stefan Lorbach, Owner, Stema Punch & Die Inc.

J&C Tool and Die values its membership with the CTMA, seeing it as a valuable resource for networking and discussion of best practices in regards to issues that are oftentimes too many for a single member to intrinsically follow.  We see CTMA as fundamental in bringing these issues to the forefront, ultimately saving its members money and time in helping them pay greater attention to their regulatory responsibilities.

Richard Janik, President, J&C Tool & Die Ltd.

FBT Inc. has valued being a member in the CTMA for the past 20 years.  We have tried a number of different associations over the years, but the CTMA is one that FBT relies on to push the government for new legislation to help our industry, and values the various informational meetings and the annual wage and business survey.

John Jensen, Plant Manager, FBT Inc.

A proud member of the CTMA, we have seen positive benefits since obtaining membership to the association.  One of the useful benefits that the company has been grateful for is access to the CTMA’s training courses, which have already helped Dilast attract skilled workers.  By the time they get trained, these people have the skills and knowledge they need to be successful.  We are also incredibly thankful for the tremendous opportunities CTMA membership provides through access to various events.

Denny Nedeljkovich, Operations Manager, Dilast Tool & Die Ltd.

We believe in giving back to the industries we serve.  As such, we are heavily involved with the CTMA Introductory Trades Training Program, encouraging a younger generation to consider the trades and learn about specific areas.  We are proud members of the CTMA and credit them in helping us network with others in the automotive sector.  It is through the building of these valuable relationships that Anderdon Machine Tool can better learn, grow and adapt with changes taking place in the industry.

Phil Gagnon Jr. & Tom Gagnon, Co-owners, Anderdon Tool and ComPuTool Gauge